Nothing serious

This is nothing major. Just throwing some (fantasy football is ridiculous) crap against the wall. I’m somehow down 2.25 points in a standard scoring league, need to win out to make playoffs. I have Gurley tomorrow, he has mahomes. Who you got?

In our league Mahomes averages 10 points more per game than Gurley. We do however have a crazy scoring format. Nevertheless, you need to be pulling for Mr. Hunt to have a massive ground game tomorrow.


I am in ESPN standard Mahomes has Gurley by 1.9pts/game.
However looking at the average points for the matchup, gurley has mahomes by 10, if each player scores the average for the position.

Anybody’s game, but backs have destroyed the chiefs all year, so i gotta go with your gurley here.
Best of luck man.

Thank you. I hate the yahoo projections but they have him at basically a %5 advantage, which i feel is about right. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.