Now that zeke has signed

So zeke has signed, I drafted him and also picked up Pollard just incase. So should I hang on to him or drop him? I’m thinking I should keep him for week 1 at least!

It depends how you feel about handcuffs. With his hold out I’m thinking I’ll hold onto Pollard for a little bit to mitigate any injury risk from not having that training camp conditioning. That being said Dalvin Cook’s handcuff is available in my league so I’m toying with the idea of swapping Pollard for him. I guess it depends on your depth/strength at RB

I’ve got zeke, chubb, Coleman, Cohen and pollard. I was gonna drop him to maybe pick up a second qb. I drafted Murray, but not very confident yet about him. But I don’t want to drop him completely incase he goes off on his first week! The mindfuck of fantasy football begins…