Nuk for DJ Moore +?

Would trading DeAndre Hopkins for DJ Moore plus the 1.11 make sense? I’m trying to get another early pick in an attempt to address 2 areas of need.

I like DJ Moore but that seems like you’re giving up too much. If you feel the player you’d draft at 1.11 plus DJ is worth Nuk then go for it but I feel like Nuk is still an elite wr and you should be able to get more than that.

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The DJ Moore hype is out of control lol

I am really hot for DK Moore, but I am not certain I would make that trade. I do not hate it though. It might not sound like much, but even moving up to the 1.07/1.08 would make a bigger difference. I do get that you have two areas of need. The 1.11 can land you a very usable asset TBH, but I think the higher chance comes with just a few picks earlier. Here are my thoughts.

All that said, NUK is getting older but not old for his position. DJM is suuuuuppper young still despite having two years in the leauge. You definitely add a youth element. Not knowing who is going to helm the QB (seemingly Cam ATM) gives a bit of pause. I am personally less excited about Cam than bringing in a rookie / vet. Given your implied needs, I assume one of the two is RB. If so, I can see the allure of the pick.

For now I would see if you can better that pick. This is not a bad area to be looking (essentially two first with DJM as high first value), but I think falling that far back to 1.11 makes me hesitant. I do make trades where it does not look like “I won” but it betters my team. I would not fault anyone for making the trade.

I would try to push another asset into the trade perhaps? Or even ask for a 2020 2nd. That would help IMHO. That said, if you are liking someone in the back of the first (definitely some talent there) I would take it and not feel badly. In the end only you know if you are bettering your team. If it feels like a good play to you, where you can see the path to success, it is never a bad trade.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help.