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Number 1 pick startup dynasty


Who is it? ODB? Zeke? Evans? I’m leaning Zeke being a Cowboys fan but the value of receivers in dynasty is supposedly where it’s at. Thoughts?


evans or beckham whoever you like better. both super young and super talented. You could argue Evans has a better situation going forward with the Bucs committed to a young jameis winston. Never know how long Eli is gonna last and then what happens to odell once his qb retires, i dont know the answer to that so with that said you still have what i believe to be 3 years for Eli. give or take


Consensus OBJ, but since this is your team long term, how do you like to play? Are you a win with guys you love? The Ballers are always big on don’t lose with guys you hate, and I tend to agree. So if you’re a cowboys fan, picking Beckham could be a tough pill given the division foe. If you want zeke, see if you can trade back a few slots, flip first rounders with pick 3 or 4 and try and pick up an additional pick in the top 6-8 rounds.


Unfortunately, there’s no trading picks 1st year. I had Odell on my redraft last year and it wasn’t bad. I know receivers have a longer shelf life, but I don’t think my team would be at a disadvantage drafting Zeke. I still need a strong rb and by the time I get another pick most of them will be gone.


10 or 12 team? I just finished a 10 team startup ppr, that I thought went RB heavy, and Gurley, Ajayi, Mixon were all available at 20/21. Not sure if that makes you feel better about OBJ. For me, OBJ is still the pick, and I love building around RBs, but he’s too good and too young. That’s just my opinion though. Good luck man.


I’d lean Evans. He’s a stud, has the better long term situation, and had a comically low YAC last year (due to constant double teams). Regsrding the YAC, I’m expecting a major improvement due to both general positive regression, and Jackson taking pressure off. Even if he doesn’t, he still finished as the WR1 or 2 (depending on scoring format) last year.