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Number 1 pick


I hv Zeke as a keeper, and the number one pick and it’s .5 ppr. The top 6 will be gone. Who should I take out of AJ Green, Mike Evans or Jordy Nelson.


I personally love Jordy Nelson. He and Aaron Rodgers are like PB&J. He gets the ball a lot, and is reliable as all heck… when he’s not hurt


Jordy Nelson. If healthy his ceiling is insane. Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of the 3 but given the choice, I take Jordy.


Same question from about a week ago:


Eeny meeny miny moe…They are all great! I wouldn’t worry too much about A.J. Green and the offensive line. It will hurt Joe Mixon more than A.J. Green. That is something to be concerned about but not overly. Dalton is a quick passer, that’s they’re offensive scheme.
So I would give it slightly over to Nelson or Evans.


I would rank it Jordy, then A.J. Green, then Evans. Green was on pace to be the best wide receiver last year before getting injured, and I think will be extremely efficient this year. With it being a toss-up between Jordy and A.J, I’ll side with the wide receiver who has the number one quarterback backing him up :wink:


Yeah. Jordy will be the most consistent for sure. Good call.


So…Mike Evans is the clear choice over Jordy and AJ. That is simply weighing usage, opportunity, and risk. I will simply post what I posted in @Mr_ButterFace’s link.

Evans is the worst technical receiver of the group, but even though Jordy had all those TDs, Evans is a better Red Zone receiver. Not by a small amount either. Inside the 10 Jordy scores on 60% of his targets, which is really good, the 3rd best in the league for WRs actually. Well Mike Evans is the 2nd with a touchdown on 71% of his targets inside the 10. Tampa’s offense will be improved, and will score more TDs this season.

AJ’s pace was great for yards, he averaged 10 targets per game and 6.6 receptions. That paces him at 1542 yards on 106 receptions and 6 or 7 TDs. However, in PPR formats both other receivers would have outscored him.

My recommendation is Mike Evans, he doesn’t need that many attempts to score a lot of TDs, and consistently gets solid yards. I think he has the highest chance to get 1000+ yards and double digit TDs.

Reasons Evans is SLIGHTLY higher for me:
Jordy = Injury risk + other mouths to feed in Bennett (huge goal line options), Adams, Cobb, Jamaal for GL, and TY catches the ball too.
AJ = He just doesn’t get used as much.