Number 3rd pick

I have the number 3rd pick in my draft tomorrow. I know for a fact DJ is going first and Gurley going second. So my question to you guys is with what’s happening with bell is it crazy to take Zeke, brown, or even barkley over him? I’d prefer not brown as I prefer an rb but what are your guys thoughts? 12 team PPR league

Not crazy to take Zeke over bell although I still wouldn’t. Also wouldn’t fault you for taking AB over Bell, especially in a PPR league. But no chance I’m taking barkley over him.

Personally, I am more than happy taking Bell with #3 cause in my eyes, he’s 1.01 on a per game production basis so getting him at 1.03 is value.

I agree with @MikeMeUpp. Just remember if you take bell be sure to grab James conner as well.

I definitely agree with that, what round do you think is ideal to draft him?

Full PPR, I’m taking AB. His numbers and consistency are as good as drafting a stud RB in that format. Can’t argue with MikeMeUpp or others who say take Zeke or Bell, but my pick would be Brown.

All points are valid. I think Bell shows up and plays. He proved last year he can produce quickly. If youre PPR then Brown is a close second but a bell cow back with his abilities is so rare. I’d probably take Brown over Zeke. Im not taking Saquon with that pick.

I lean Brown over Zeke in full PPR. I say let Bell be someone else’s issue. There are reasons other than this hold out to be weary of him such as the large amount of usage and past injury history for a guy that is showing up after having not been in camp.

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