Number of keeper spots for keeper leagues

Hi all.

I like the idea of keeper and am doing 1 now. I am kind of surprised by the low number of keeper spots for most leagues.
When I read about it I thought it was redraft with some portions of dynasty to build long term league feel.
I did imagine it as being that dynasty/redraft hybrid as well.
So, my question is why isn’t there more leagues with holding 50-75% of a starting line-up?
Just curious from a regular player perspective why you’d prefer 1-2 keeper spots versus 5-6?

I feel like 5-6 keeper spots takes away from the fun of the draft. Keeping the same players year after year is more of a dynasty thing IMO, doesn’t make as much sense in redraft. My league would rather have 1 keeper or none

As with pretty much everything else, it’s a matter of supply and demand. There are exactly as many leagues that keep 50-75% of their lineups as there is demand for such leagues; no more, and no less.

I think maybe that’s why I’m looking at it differently. Seeing it as a dynasty offshoot versus a long term add for redraft, if that makes sense.
I just think doing dynasty but only have a portion of your roster you can keep versus keeping the whole thing.
Maybe next year I’ll see if anyone is interested :man_shrugging:t5: