O.Darkwa or K.Drake? Help!

**Standard Scoring. Im 5-5 6th place in my League. Already payer Mariota (PHEW!) and Lev Bell and I got D.Freeman but he hurt so I need a filler. Help would be much appreciated! **

Im leaning towards Drake because of TB’s mediocre play lately. Darkwa is solid but Im worried about Kansas Defense.

Kansa City is terrible against the run and are banged up and gonna be down a couple good starters this week-Tampa Bay is a train wreck-I would flip a coin to be honest on that one

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“Help should I be kicked in the shin or punched in the kidney?” I like Drake here. If shame vareen is the passing down back and they are behind which is likely, I think vareen would get more work than darkwa… on the flip side it’s 50/50 in mia, I think they are down again. But hopefully the bucs defense doesn’t play like it did last week. It’s was lights out against the jets who aren’t slouches this year.


I hear ya! Fantasy football has been soooo weird this year!

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Yeah you right just heard that Tamba isnt going to be active. But are they that worse to be compared to TB though?

VERY very weird. And the injuries suck

Completely forgot about Vareen in there. Very interesting points appreciate it!