Oakland Raiders

Who thinks they will be better than projected? They have almost a completely different team and Derek Carr has shown he can be a competent QB in the past. He also now has some legitimate weapons to throw to.

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I’m not too crazy about Josh Jacobs but I think Antonio Brown will get his. I mean, I def feel AB is downgrading from Rothlisberger. Think Ballers mentioned that Carr is actually pretty decent at the long ball. Terrell Williams could be a nice flex player.

All of that, I am staying away from Raiders…I really want to be persuaded on Josh Jacobs though.

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Raiders will get 10 wins this year. Hopefully more but they’ll be crazy good for how over looked they are

chiefs fan here, they will be better than projected so long as the personalities dont start clashing super hard. its like the rams last year. if they started losing early, that team would have been a disaster. same can be said for the raiders this year. so if they start off 3 and 0, they might be a legit problem. but 0 and 3… dumpster fire.

I don’t trust them at all, especially in fantasy. Think there is a lot of conflicting personalities, think Gruden is overrated as a coach, and ADP will be inflated due to the Hard Knocks effect. I Have them finishing 6 - 10, maybe 7-9 at the most. I can see them starting the season 1 - 6 and being a complete mess from there with bad team morale.

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