Oakland’s D with Nick Mullen’s making first start?

With Bethard not starting, how confident would y’all be with Raiders D? The Titans are my other option but their playing in Jerry’s world. Don’t really like that at all either.

In the same situation…I think the raiders cant mess this up since this guy has never played in a actual nfl game before…but it is the raiders lol. Since i have no other choice I’ll be starting them

I have started the Raiders flaccid D almost everywhere so Mullins is sure to throw at least 4 TDs.


You guys aren’t helping lol… yay or nay?

Boom or bust. It’s tough. Could be big. Could trash. Just listen to your feeling. I’m in the same boat. Thinking of changing Dallas for them. Just not sure…


My buddy has the same situation and he said he’s starting the Raiders over the Cowgirls. Good lick boys! I will cover my eyes with fingers crossed lol

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I need a boom this week. Sometimes you just have to pray…

would any of you start raiders D this week over KC?

Yeah man. I think the browns are going to rally at home.

Trubisky vs Buf or Carr

Carr man. But probably to late now

If y’all actually started Raiders DST…looks like it’ll be a loooong game lol

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Hope you didnt start the raiders haha

Sure did start the Raiders.

They are a total dumpster fire, half way to my 4+TD prediction already. Feels like the only thing to stop it will be a rushing TD or two killing the game.

It’s just 49ers night.

Even when guys aren’t wide open stuff like that Kittle catch happens.

Here’s to hoping for GARBAGE TIME with Carr.

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It’s always Garbage Time with Carr.

He played good last week because he didn’t have to run for his life.

Now hopefully he will have a quarter and a half to carve up a soft zone while Niners hopefully rush 3. If they send 4 they will sack him! :stuck_out_tongue: