OBJ, AB, or Julio - What will it cost, owners rosters + mine shown

Since everyone thinks Julio (WR 16 so far) is worth a ton, someone please tell me what’s a legit offer based on my roster and the owners teams for either Julio, OBJ, or AB. I have Mixon or Lynch and can add a WR (not hill). Help me figure it out. Everyone seems to bash Lynch but he’s RB 12 so far, i think owners need to wake up and realize week 3 is done, draft value is out the window. Of the WR owners, they’re all 1-2 and minus OBJ owner, they’re going to keep losing if they don’t fix their RB situation. I on the other hand don’t need this trade, i can keep winning, i just want to add it.

Bumping this. please help.

If I was you I would more be targeting Adams form the Brown owner. Adams cost will be much cheaper, You can probably see if you could get him for Mixon straight up or try Lynch and Watkins for Adams. For Brown, OBJ, or Julio, I think you are going to have to start in trade talk with a combination of two RB’s Breida, Mixon, Lynch and then Watkins. I know you think it is a steep price for one player but you have to look at it from their position those WR are complete game changers and can single handly win them a week Lynch isn’t going to do that but is a solid piece to have with strong players around him. You can’t expect to get those wr cheap just because someone has a losing record through the first 3 weeks


This is the most helpful answer i’ve gotten all day. Thank you! To this point i’ve just been hearing Julio is too valuable, but my leagues odd in that the teams with Top WR’s have no RB depth so they need to make a move. Honestly i’ve been avoiding Adams though because of Rodgers injury. Julio is a target because the guy also has Michael Thomas. I could also target JuJu. It’s rough because I realize the cost is high but the owner of the WRs needs to sell more than i really need to buy.

I get what you are saying is you are in a position of strength and they probably need to make some moves, but think of how they see their team if they traded their best player. Like what you would you be looking for if your team was losing these first few weeks and someone was trying to get Gurley from you

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What @NiceNSleazy said is spot on. Any trade to try and get one of those three guys would HAVE to include Mixon and probably Watkins just as a starting point with someone like Brieda too. Most people don’t like to part with their top player so even with these offers you might still get rejected. You typically have to overpay to acquire players like these. Looking at the rosters though, Julio jones would be the best target because the owner has Thomas and bad RBs making them more likely to deal with Julio than the other two. You can also likely get him for a bit cheaper than OBJ or AB.

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My Advice to you is to acquire Brandin Cooks. I’ve been on here since after week 1 against Raiders saying to buy low on Cooks. His value is just going to keep going up week by week. I would honestly rather own Cooks than Adams right now RoS. I wouldn’t pay more obviously cause I think the value for Adams is still significantly higher but Cooks is currently WR13 without any TDs. He barely missed a TD by like half a yard this last week. Those long bombs are going to start converting into TDs eventually and I bet they start rotating him in on the goal line work alongside woods as well.

Given the dude has Cooks on his bench, I am still encouraging people to buy low on him. He’s going to finish as a WR1. I’ve already bet someone on these forums about it and I am still, very comfortable with that bet. The Rams offense is going to support an RB1, a WR1 and probably 2 WR2/3s with Kupp and Woods. And with Talib/Peters out, they are going to have to put up even more points than they do now.

Cooks still might finish below Adams if Rodgers actually lasts the full season but I don’t think it’ll be by much if any and given the perceived value gap right now, I’d buy anywhere I can.


Agree with this. With Cooks on the bench and with the obvious need at RB a Lynch for Cooks trade would get it done for me.(so long as someone wasn’t offering more)

Go look at the other teams that need a WR. See what you would want in return for those players(in the eyes of the 3 RB needy teams.) Then make a better offer than that.

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I just sent that trade. Thanks man!

If you get away with Lynch for Cooks, that is highway robbery. Take it and never look back. But in my opinion, even though his value still hasn’t gotten to where it should be, it’s going to take Lynch + to get Cooks. BUt in this case, the + will be much less than what it would cost for OBJ/Adams/AB.

Don’t always have to target the top 5 players at the position. People often leave too much value by not going after guys like COoks before they break out. He technically already has but in weeks where he scores TDs, you’re not going to be able to get him for value anymore.

One more question, in-case this doesn’t work to do Lynch for Cooks. Would Gurley for Michael Thomas be crazy, or the smartest thing to try? I really really want to keep Gurley but I’m also wondering if that’s what it’ll take.

I would not be giving up Gurley for MT. MT might finish as the WR1 but Gurley still looks great. Just hasn’t gotten the same usage as last year given how many weapons they have but that offense is going to put up a tonne of points. Still don’t think there is anyone other than maybe Kamara right now that offers the same floor/ceiling combo as Gurley.

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Don’t do Gurley for Thomas. The saints wont stay the worst running team in the league and when they start running again Thomas will drop back in production. He’ll still be great but nothing like Gurley.


TYPED THIS WRONG. I meant Mixon for Cooks. Sorry.

I wouldn’t be giving gurley for cooks either. I would just keep gurley.

You can’t really afford to give up gurley tbh. I wouldn’t even really give up Mixon. I’d try for Lynch+ or Breida+. If you can sell high on either Breida or Morris, that’s what I would be doing.

You could also be trying to sell Watkins. Doesn’t really make too much sense for you to own both Hill and Watkins.

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Totally typed that wrong. OOPS. I meant would you do Mixon for Cooks. But i saw your response mentioned Mixon so i’ll note that and maybe add Breida if he still thinks Lynch for Cooks isn’t enough.

Don’t give up Gurley for any one player, the only way you should be thinking of trading Gurley is if you are getting 2 top end wr and a solid rb. I would be shopping the SF running backs before shopping Mixon. I would probably offer Morris for Cooks, then Breida for Cooks, then Mixon for Cooks, if that doesn’t get it done then the guy is probably asking too much

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I sent an offer of Lynch for Cooks after a recommendation from a few people. Otherwise i want to shop SF RBs as a package for 1 WR, I haven’t figured out who i cna target, and i figure sending the 2 makes more sense since they know they got the main guy no matter what happens post Jimmy g.

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Just my opinion but I never buy full backfields. I just pick my horse and go with it. Cause you’re never going to start both RBs. Kamara/Ingram was a rare exception last year and Freeman/Coleman in 2016 before that.

If you can give lynch and Breida for Cooks for example, I would do that.

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