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Obj against JAX Def. Or. Crowder against ARI Def.?


Anyone wanna give me their thoughts?


I’d still have to go with obj even against that defence.


Is this a real question or a troll? You’ve gotta be kidding me right? Crowder is trash. OBJ is a generational talent. You don’t bench players like OBJ cause at any moment, he can take a slant to the house.


Its OBJ. These elites still did fine against JAX. Don’t try to get too cute. Start him

Week 1- DeAndre Hopkins 16 targets, 7 rec 55 yards 1 TD

Week 5-Antonio Brown 19 targets, 10 rec 157 yards

Week 15- DeAndre Hopkins 13 targets 4 rec 80 yards 1 TD


You start OBJ every week regardless of matchup


Just roll out your studs and let it roll


Another vote for starting OBJ