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Obj and Graham for cj Anderson and kelce


Was offered cj Anderson and Travis kelce for obj and jimmy Graham. In desperate need of r.b. production. Should I take it?


What’s your Rb situation look like?
Also who are your wr’s?


Also is it standard or ppr?


@dustin_mitchell it is a full point ppr league. My r.b.s are jaquizz Rodgers, Doug Martin, rex burkhead, Shane vereen. For w.r. I’ve got obj, t.y. Hilton, terelle Pryor, Dante montcrief, JJ Nelson and rashad higgins.


Yeah I would definitely do the trade after seeing your RB situation.


Yeah I would do it too


I’d say yes


I would do it


in the immortal words of NIKE… JUST DO IT!!! lol


Well. I guess that’s a resounding YES. Trade accepted. Thanks guys.