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OBJ as the 2nd pick?


So I have a buddy here that is a die hard Giants fan…so now the title makes sense. I need some help in explaining why OBJ should not be the 1st or 2nd pick.

Also he is listening to his heart instead of his head again and arguing OBJ is a better pick than Antonio Brown. For his own sake he needs help!


I mean he isn’t but if it’s his team and it’s not like he is taking Shepard 2nd. I mean OBJ could easily be the number 1 wr.


Its possible but extremely unlikely. I do not trust Eli as far as I can throw him. There are receivers I like better with better offenses. (Brown, Julio, Jordy). But I still do not believe even those guys can touch the value of DJ or Bell.


I mean I agree, but at the end of the day it’s his team and it’s not like he is picking the number 3 on a team, he is picking OBJ


Seems like you are wasting your breath discussing it with him. If he wants obj let him take him that means whoever gets 3rd pick will be happy =P But yes everyone normally picks Bell or DJ.
Just make a bet with him that he will not finish as the #1 WR and win that way =P


Haha I love it! That is what I am going to do because he also wants to bet me money the Giants will win the superbowl! I mean I like their defense and I think Marshall is going to help them. But they have no run game, a bad offensive line, the weirdest QB in the league and, in my opinion, a lack of coaching. I mean what kind of coach lets his players waste their time in Miami a week before playing in Green Bay in the middle of winter. I am taking that bet! OBJ is to full of himself to be the best anyways. AB has twice the work ethic. All OBJ cares about his is brand.