OBJ/Burton for Diggs/Ertz

1/2 PPR - who wins this trade?

I say the Ertz side. that is the difference maker. Diggs seems more consistent this year and has a much better offensive situation. Ertz is old reliable for a great QB that LOVES the tight end.

I don’t trust Mitch T. in Chicago and they only looked good because Tampa is so bad. ODB is a top tier wideout for a team that hasn’t shown any real explosiveness and is only getting their offense from the rookie RB.

Agreed. Unfortunately i’m the burton/obj owner but was hoping to package them together for diggs/ertz. It really comes down to the lack of confidence in both Manning/Trubisky that has me wanting to offload them.

Diggs /Ertz

sell the crap out of the sizzle, throw in a draft pick