OBJ - Buy low has closed but do we now sell high?

So i enjoyed the OBJ garbage time but more so to give him a great points total as my matchup was luckily in the bag this week before MNF.

My question, in a standard league would you look to shop Odell off the back of big game for a more consistent WR or RB - maybe a buy low candidate with similar weekly upside but struggling right now, if so who would be the type of player to target?

My team is pretty solid overall and i don’t mind holding Odell as i’m usually consistent everywhere else so can cope with his down weeks and the boom games give me a landslide but should i look to sure up for the second half run in?

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Richard, Ito
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Baldwin,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

Ultimately I think you’re weakest at WR if you move OBJ as you’d lean on Green. Your RB are really good especially if we assume Gordon isn’t out long.

Personally I hate having players that are inconsistent which unfortunately OBJ has been… I’m now wondering if a Thielen trade could work for you as well on name value alone.

Thanks man and I may have some conversations to see who is interested… I’d love to get Thielen on my team but the owner is a massive Vikings fan and also names is team after him lol (more than a Thielen) and i tried last year as well and he’s never for sale. He’s also doing pretty well this year at 6-1 one spot over me so he’s riding too high on 6 straight wins.

The possible options would be Diggs, Hill, Allen, Hilton, Cooks Or less likely but maybe worth asking struggling owners of Jeffery, Hopkins and MT, though very unlikely to get MT. Any of those, mainly the first batch of names worth going after?

Cooks and Diggs are on the same team so could be able to get both for OBJ +? - would you try that, who would be the ?

It’s tough but I think I’d go after Hopkins or MT first as I don’t think getting Diggs or Cooks will help you all that much (especially since you probably wouldn’t be able to play both every week and I doubt they’d give up both unless u added a RB in which case you’d probably be paying too much). And I don’t think ether of those guys are better options than OBJ

You could also consider holding out a few more weeks until after OBJ plays TB in week 11… by then you might be able to get more leverage (or using that week as trade bait for a team outside the playoffs needing a win)

Yeah i see your point with Cooks and Diggs, I’d have a ton of depth but not really an upgrade at starter so I’d be trading again most likely.

I can see what the MT owner has to say, i like Hopkins and his playoff schedule is nice but i worry that Watson wont last that long and i know he’s produced with awful backup QBs before but I’d feel less than good having a WR with Brandon Weeden throwing to him in my playoff team line up!

I don’t mind holding at all, i mean OBJ despite all of Eli’s woeful play is second in receptions, top 4 in targets and top 6 red zone targets and 4th in yards in the league, just gets it done in chunks which is the catch if you don’t get a big game you usual get a sub 10 point game in standard which hurts.

If i can’t get MT I’ll hold i think and see what happens, if he gets a good game in against the redskins there may be some more doors open up. Appreciate the views man!