OBJ/Cook trade question

I need some trade advice. 10 team fullPPR redraft league
Roster Format: 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex, 1 WR/RB slot

Would you trade Dalvin Cook, and Allen Robinson for OBJ

My Roster:
RB’s: Barkley, Howard, Lynch, Penny, and Clement

WR’s: Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, Sterling Sheppard, Kelvin Benjamin, Mike Williams

Any advice helps! Thanks Ballers!

which side are you?

I see why you would do the trade since OBJ would upgrade your WRs and you already have Barkley/ Howard but for some reason Cook + ARob seems a bit much to me.

OBJ/ Cook goes around the same ADP but I’d rather have OBJ than Cook. Maybe ask for something else as an addon?

OBJ all day. If it were Keenan Allen, like I originally though, maybe, but definitely not ARob

I would do this trade. Your WRs are pretty bad. You need a lot of help.

You can trade for OBJ, and start between watkins/davis depending on matchup.

And on RBs, you can start Barkley/Howard and flex lynch.

Sorry. I would be trading away Cook and Robinson

All day long , good trade. You need big help at WR and obj is arguably the best or close to.

Do it before your potential trade partner changes his mind. You’re getting the better part of the deal.

Your team is a contender with a top flight WR like OBJ, but a middle of the pack team without.

You’d rather go to war with Saquon, Howard, and OBJ than it is with Saquon, Howard, Dalvin flexed, Marshawn on your bench, and those receivers starting…