OBJ, DJ or wait?

I’ve got the choice of where to pick in our 12 team keeper league and having a hard time making up my mind. It’s half-point PPR.

1st round is all keepers, I have Saquon in the 1st and then Kupp as my other keeper in the 8th.

The next tiers of remaining RBs includes David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Devonta Freeman and Damien Williams.

Next tiers of remaining WRs includes OBJ, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown and Keenan Allen.

I feel like DJ and OBJ both are potential top 3 at their position, so am I getting enough of an advantage by grabbing one of those last players in their tier to justify having to wait to the end of the 3/4 turn?

Is your question what draft spot to choose, or who to take? It’s a bit ambiguous. Hit us up with a bit clearer details, we’ll figure it out. #together


Sorry, I guess I did kind of ask both there. The main point is really just should I take OBJ or DJ, if I’m skipping both of them I’ll drop back to a middle of the round position to get access to some higher upside choices in the 3rd.

Between DJ and OBJ… I’m OBJ 100%.


Keep Beckham.

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That’s the way I’m leaning, but I got bit by WR problems last year including having Amari Cooper as my WR1 after going RB in the 1st and 2nd so I couldn’t decide if I was just tilting against that.