OBJ- Dynasty trade

I’d be selling OBJ for 2 2020 1st (probably mid to late) and Anthony Miller.
My other WR are D. Adams, DJ Moore, Hollywood, Dede Westbrook, and D Pettis. My RBs are Kerryon, J Jacobs, Duke Johnson, Penny, and Lat Murray. I feel like I need more help at RB and I know there will be a lot of good RBs in this draft class. I have 2 2020 first already but getting 4 2020 1st is very tempting. Any advice?

Any advice is appreciated!

Do you consider yourself a contender this year? What is your record?

I would want more in return for OBJ. Now is not the time to be selling him.

I’ll be 7-7 after this week (We can get 2 points based on league median scores), I’m still in play off consideration but i have a hard time considering myself as a strong contender this year. I’m not giving up on the year by any means but this move would be to go all in for next year