OBJ/Evans - BMarsh/DJax

I’m keeping OBJ and Evans.

Do I reach for BMarsh and DJax?

Thinking it may pay off to do so.

Fire away…


Thx dude, Marshall is deadly in the Rz tho, just sayin.

So is Eli, to the Giants. In all seriousness though, I don’t understand why people are so high on Marshall this year. He looked old and slow last year and he went to a bad offense in which opportunities are dominated by a transcendent WR. Jackson is a frustrating, but valuabe fantasy asset. I wouldn’t want him to be a starter, but you can do much, much worse for your bench WRs.

For the wrs going in the same range, I think I’d just rather play match ups with Marshall/DJax n roll out one of them in my flex…

OBJ Evans Marshall
OBJ Evans DJax

It also provides a bit of insurance against injury.

I dont think reaching for Jackson or Marshall is a smart way to draft when there are so many wide receivers that can be valuable in the later rounds. You already have the 90+ reception guys on those teams that make touchdowns happen for themselves. I dont see the value in purposely reaching for those #2 receivers when there are guys like Garcon and Maclin who are #1 receivers going in the 8th round or later. Its all about taking value in drafts to be successful.