Obj for Adams+

Offered Davante Adams, pick 6, Kenny Golladay and Aaron Jones for my OBJ. Feel like it’s yes but not 100% sure.

Dynasty? Then I would say yes

Assuming dynasty, is this a contender or a rebuild?

For a rebuild, it’s 100% yes. For a contender, it’s debatable. But probably accepting the offer.

Dynasty yes. Rebuild yes. I have good pieces but not enough to fully compete

In that case, I would definitely make that deal.

He’s talked take one of the end pieces away. Which would you prefer for a team with needed depth at both positions

I think I would need all of the original offer for OBJ.

I would consider Adams, a 2018 1.06 and Kenny Golladay. But as I said not a slam dunk.

It’s close but if you are rebuilding and need pieces, would take that trade. You’re potentially getting 2 starting RBs. Jones is still young and is 10x more talented than Williams. I’m a believer that talent eventually wins in the NFL. And with the 1.06, you can potentially get a future WR1 or a starting RB as well.

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I’d make him stick to including everyone. Taking any one of them away makes the trade far less tempting, IMO.

Plus, it’s OBJ. He needs to pay up!

That is not nearly enough for me. Not even close.

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@DFWB Out of curiosity, what would you require on top of Adams, 2018 1.06, Golladay and Aaron Jones to trade away OBJ?

Adams on his own is prob worth 2 firsts. Golladay and Jones likely equal a first. So this seems like 4 firsts for OBJ.

I don’t think Golladay or Jones are firsts. Golladay is the WR3 on a team that has never supported 3 WRs and wants to run a lot more. I think he’s more like a late 2nd, if not a 3rd. Jones is a committee back on a team that hasn’t consistently been able to run or consistently produce a single fantasy relevant back. I wouldn’t give up more than a early 2md in this year’s draft for him.

As for Adams, 2 firsts is probably reasonable, but I think he’s a fairly limited player, compared to Beckham (who I think should be the clear 1.01 in all dynasty formats - and by a wide margin). His value is largely tied to TDs. He’s not shown any indication that he’ll ever be high volume yardage or reception producer and while that may change with Rodgers back and Jordy gone, I never thought that was his skill set to begin with, so I’m skeptical. I think it’s far more likely that the targets are spread around than that he becomes anything close to what Nelson was. But when it comes down to it, I don’t want to give up a genuinely special individual player for a player who relies on someone else to be special, and to me Beckham is the former while Adams is the latter. Adams is a good player. Beckham is on track to being legitimately one of the best ever at his position.

So to answer your question, you’d have to start with another close to Adams level player for me to even be interested.

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Sorry, to clarify, I think you could get a late first for Golladay and Jones together.

Thanks for your explanation.

Ok, I misunderstood then. That is reasonable.

When it comes down to it, this is really more about Beckham than any of the pieces th at would be received. I just think Beckham is that good.

Edit: another point to note – you have to consider the value of the pieces you’re dropping when taking on extra players. It may not be a ton, but it makes a difference. They’re probably lottery tickets, and that’s really what I think Golladay and Jones are. This is part of my general aversion to taking on extra players in trade a unless their bona fide upgrades. This is probably less of a concern for a rebuild, but should still be stated and I think considered.


Thanks everyone. Trying to go in the different direction and trade my Saquon for Nuk to pair him with OBJ forever


Just said everything u was thinking.

I would only take the trade if I was in full rebuild mode because those are good pieces for foundation. None of them are the tent pole OBJ can be. Adams might be great, but without Nelson now we will see if the talent is real IMHO.

OBJ is IMHO the 1.01 in dynasty by a country mile. I would be building around him as opposed to getting a wider but not as impressive base.

I will ask, and maybe I missed it, is the 1.06 the rookie or re-draft pick? I could see it more of it is re-draft as there is likely still quality there.

In the end it is how you see you team moving forward. OBJ will be a monster for years and a truly game changing talent. The move in and of itself is not horrible, but I would not take it.

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That would be a great pairing. Those two WR for the future would be awesome, even losing Barkley. You might squeeze a bit more value of of him due to hype, as a thought.

Wish that was the case but he’s smart and knows Hopkins value.

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Can’t say I’d do this deal, but if ever I would move out OBJ for a haul — this would be it! I do agree, though, with @DFWB on Adams’ upside; Very TD dependent. Probably why I’m not as high on him as some, but ultimately that wouldn’t sway me from the deal one way or the other because somebody in your league is going to value him at his ADP. You just need to find that person and get the value you really want for him.

Overall, you are potentially receiving far more talent than you’re giving up. I have both Aaron Jones and Kenny G in dynasty, and I can tell you this — I would not trade either for a 2nd round pick! I’m certain Jones will be the starter, and I expect Golladay will be pushing to be a WR1 as early as next year. He will unseat Tate or Marvin Jones, and possibly both, forcing Detroit to cut one or the other (or both) at the end of the season.

And that 6th pick… That’s good enough to ensure a top RB or the top WR. It’s an excellent pick, because there are 6 worthwhile RBs in this class. That puts you in great position to take away four starters by the end for the price of one. It’s a great move of you’re looking to re-stock!

Even so, straight up Barkley for Hopkins would be worth it if the other owner is keen.

Good luck!