OBJ for Chris Carson? HELP!

Long story short: I offered a guy Eckler for OBJ. He countered with OBJ for Chris Carson. I feel like this is a easy yes. Almost too easy. What am I missing? Would you take it? Why or why not? Reply ASAP–thanks! :smiley:

EDIT: Non PPR league.

What does your team look like

You definitely have some strong RB’s. You’ll be short this week if Gordon comes back but once Kerryon comes back you’ll be a bit stronger next week. And then once Barkley comes back I think you’ll really be set. It might not help immediately with the loss of your RB but I definitely see this as a big boost for later in the season.

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Literally made this trade today

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Thanks brother! That was my thoughts as well!

Hasn’t been working in my favor… LOL :sweat_smile: