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OBJ for Conner package trade


Trying to move Conner for a stable piece…

.5 ppr 12 person league
Conner, Edelman, Derrick Henry
FOR Odell Beckham and Sony Michel

My roster

Tate, Keenan Allen, Jarvis, Corey Davis, Edelman

David johnson, James Conner, Aaron jones, Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Derrick Henry


Baltimore / chargers Defense

Let me know what ya think!


i would make that trade all day long


Sorry is this a trade on the table or some package joke you’re thinking about offering?

If I received this offer as an OBJ owner, would either laugh in your phase or not even bother responding and just have you wait.

You’re trying to trade an RB that will be on the bench within 4 weeks and another RB that isn’t even worth rostering and a 32 year old who hasn’t played a snap since 2016 for one of the leagues best WRs, and the lead back for the patriots. What a joke.

I wouldn’t even give you michel alone for those 3 pieces of trash, never mind OBJ.


The OBJ owner asked me to move OBJ for Conner but would have to create a package deal

Thanks for the honest opinions though lol


The real issue there is henry… maybe if you put golden tate instead, it would be more realistic depending on the guy’s team


Yep, take that one.