OBJ for Cooks & Mixon or Hunt & Mixon Dynasty full PPR

Tough to let go of OBJ & am concerned about potential short shelf life of even rookie RBs vs. WRs.

Cooks is only 24 but I wonder if his personality was the reason NO traded him and/or he’s not clicked w/Brady.

I want Mixon so I can play him in Tandem w/Gio, like I do w/Miller & Foreman.

Other relevant players on my roster:
WRs - AJ Green, Doug Baldwin, Sammy Watkins, Emmanuel Sanders
RBs - Lamar Miller, D’onte Foreman, Gio Bernard, Marshaun Lynch

If you can get Hunt and Mixon for OBJ that is an absolute steal. Hunt is an elite RB1 up there with Zeke in mine and most people’s opinions. I would no hesitation in doing that, particularly since you are weak at RB.

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Appreciate the quick reply!

If you put on your Dynasty/Full PPR hat and forget the names, what’s your general thought on RBs vs. WRs?

RB1 >>>> WR1. Elite RB1s are just invaluable. There are probably half the amount of startable RBs as there are WRs. Even RB2>WR2. If you have RB depth, it may not be too useful weeks 1-5, but the deeper you get, RBs start dropping like flies and people get desperate.

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