OBJ for Gurley?

EDIT: Does OBJ for Gurley seem fair? Or do I need to throw in more to get this done?

With the bye week this week, and a tough looking upcoming schedule, I’m trying to sell OBJ. The problem is he hasn’t really done much this year so would I still be able to sell the name? And if so what could I get / who should I try and target in return?

Here’s a look at my team (10 team PPR)

QB- Goff // RB- D. Johnson, A. Jones, T. Coleman, Damien Williams, Edmonds // WR - Davante, OBJ, Gallup, Fitz, John Brown, Dorsett // TE - Waller

FWIW I’m 1-5, last place, 2nd lowest points (although most against me) and trying hard to make one last desperate push here. Please weigh in! Thank you!

I’m also attempting to update my QB position by acquiring Matt Ryan (from a guy who has both Ryan and Desaun Watson). That might also cost me a WR along with Goff.

Don’t think you are getting a top 5 QB for Goff even paired with OBJ. Both have been average at best this year. If you did Adams and Goff you might have a shot.

The guy has Ryan and Watson and has already agreed to trade me Ryan for Goff and possibly Fitzgerald. But I’m trying to see what I can get for OBJ before trading away both him and possibly Fitz.

I’ve been trying to trade him for a couple weeks and not getting much value back. I think we are stuck with him unless you are willing to give him up for very little value. I am going to stick with him and hope they start to gel. He is still getting a ton of targets.


This is what I’m worried about as well. That’s why I’m attempting to sell him “on name value.” The Browns concern me and the schedule is very tough coming up (NE, Pitt, Buffalo. His next “easy” matchup doesn’t come until Week 12 against Miami).

So yeah I may have to stick it out but I don’t think there’s gonna be anymore “sell high” opportunities with that upcoming schedule, so trying to get while the gettin is (still somewhat) good :joy:

Any thoughts at all from anyone or am I riding out this bitter marriage with Odell?

EDIT: Does OBJ for Gurley seem fair? Or do I need to throw in more to get this done? If not who to add? My team is in OP.

In my league OBJ is WR23 and Gurley is RB18