OBJ for Joe Mixon

My WRs: OBJ, Diggs, Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods and Josh Gordon
My RBs: barkley, Ajayi, aaron jones, drake and dvonta foreman

I already tried offering diggs and got turned down. Waiver is also super thin and I have last pick so I’m not gonna be able to grab clement or smallwood. Thoughts?

isn’t there just a lesser RB you can trade for? Everyone’s about these blockbuster moves, sometimes you need to just make the dirty play.

I tell everyone, look at your league, there’s usually 2-3 teams you an trade with, meaning you have what they need and they have what you need without necessarily being the name you want. do those trades. Look Mixon would be awesome, but you know who’s solid, kerryon. Kerryon can get you wins and costs way less.

I agree with this methodology. Perhaps try using Robert Woods to target Kerryon, Phillip Lindsay someone like that. Maybe check in on the Jordan Howard owner. Had a down week and then a bye so he might be out of sight out of mind.

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Not against yall’s suggestion, but I would say Woods should get you significantly better than Kerryon or Lindsay imo…I think Woods + Drake might even get you Mixon from the right person.

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just bc both Kerryon and LIndsay both have to deal with Blount and R Freeman, respectively

I’m all aboard packaging Drake in there too. Capitalize on his good week. Picked him up off waivers last week and hoping to get some kind of return for that.

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Yep, perfect timing on that pick up. He really did nothing impressive at all, either, but you will get something in exchange for sure.

All he did was catch passes in what was amounting to garbage time, but ended up being a close game bc the Bengals let it go too far lol.

Wait lol. I have that completely and utterly backward. Forget that part abt Drake’s game. But still use him in a trade. whoops…

I have thought about the kerryon, lindsay and jordan howard move. Kerryon would probably be my favorite and I’m pretty sure i could trade woods for him. But, my thoughts are the delta of points generated by OBJ and Diggs, Hill and woods are probably less than the delta of points generated by between mixon and the aforementioned RBs.

I approached people w/ the drake package and its not creating any interest.

I get that but then i’d be shopping Diggs/Tyreek not OBJ. But also as stands with your roster you can just play 3 WR instead of 3rbs. OBJ for Mixon would hurt your team though.

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can you get Sanu? Falcons at home vs TB this week

and can you get alfred morris? sf on the road in GB, not a great matchup but not the worst ever for the running game. Breida is not going to play

Agreed I would not trade OBJ for Mixon alone. If the Mixon owner wants OBJ I would try to get a package deal with him someone in the same ranks as Quincy, JBrown, Ridley may be too much but a WR2/Flex.

Morris is already picked up. I could probably grab sanu off the waiver.

My team is pretty solid but my RB2 game is just super weak. I’m essentially waiting on either foreman, jones or drake to emerge.