OBJ for Jones and DJ

Been offered Aaron Jones and David Johnson for OBJ, .5 point PPR dynasty. I also own Davante Adams and AB, plus Alshon, Tyler Boyd and DJax. RB’s are Lev Bell, Carson, Mack, and James White.
I’m hesitant because I like OBJ for the next 5-7 years, and I’m worries DJ simply doesn’t have that much tread left given the shorter careers of RB, and Jones may he too small to he a true 3 down back.

Jones is a 3 down back. Just needed McCarthy gone. This is definitely a pretty interesting trade though.

OBJ to me is a top 4 dynasty asset. But I also do like the potential of DJ a lot more given the coaching change and I love, love aaron jones. One of the most efficient RBs in the league. Health is the only concern but same can be said of OBJ. It really depends on your needs. Your team looks pretty damn strong tbh so you’re a contender for this year. Not sure about your league’s format but if you can start Bell/Mack/DJ/Jones/Carson, I would take that trade because the contribution you’re getting from Jones/DJ likely outweighs what Beckham can output.

And I’m the #1 OBJ fan on these forums. It’s a tough call and close one but it’s a fair trade and one I would definitely seriously consider taking.

I would need more than A Jones and DJ :musical_note: to trade away OBJ.

It’s a weird league, formatted 3RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, superflex.
Starting line currently looks like,
Bell, Mack, Carson
Beckham, Adams, Brown
Plus Kareem Hunt waiting in the wings.

I feel like it’s a pretty even trade, I’m hesitant because OBJ is certainly the best player in the trade. I agree he’s a top four Dynasty asset. Other dude is pretty dead set on it, so I might mull it over for a few days…

Ah if you already have Hunt waiting as well, its a tougher call since you can only start 4 RBs max. I will say, the value is definitely there for you to take it though. You can never have enough RBs in fantasy. Especially 3 down backs and if you are holding all these RBs, you can definitely sell them at a premium closer to the season.

David Johnson is 27. Will be 28 by the end of the 2019 season.

Aaron Jones, 24, is not a young player either. You can comment on his talent but he hasn’t put it on the field yet.

OBJ is 26, in his prime and with the better QB.

OBJ is in another tier. I wouldn’t sell for AJ, DJ and the 2019 1.01.

I would not make this trade. OBJ is too much a value at this moment until we see otherwise. I am still hesitant on AZ and I have real belief at this moment A Jones is better than any other RB2. I do not think the trade is a bad one, and I can see why you might be tempted to take it. For me, though, I would not be moving OBJ for this. Despite it not being horrible.

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Hold OBJ, he has way more value than an aging DJ on a bad offense and the conundrum of Aaron Jones and his murky future

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You must not have watched Aaron Jones play at all and Mike McCarthy’s play calling. Showing me overall season stats mean nothing cause in his first season, he didn’t start until both williams and Ty mont went down. ANd then he exploded onto the scene then got injured. Same with second season, he started with a suspension and didn’t take over the job until late in the season at which point he crushed it before getting injured again. Trying to compare his season long stats to OBJ’s without context is absolutely meaningless. Look at his Y/A and games where he did play and get 15+ touches. If you don’t believe Jones will have 15+ touches, then ofcourse it’s a bad trade. I am betting on the talent to win out here and the new coaching regime actually playing their most talented players. If I’m wrong there, then the trade doesn’t work out but if I’m right, it’s a pretty big win.

And DJ is 27 but sat out an entire season due to wrist injury so his body doesn’t have the wear and tear of a typical RB. You can easily get another 2-3 seasons of elite production out of him if the new coaching regime isn’t as retarded as the last. Again, if I am wrong on that, it also would not be a good trade. And jones is only 24. ANother 3-4 years in his prime easily.

If you’re trying to plan in dynasty beyond 3-4 years when your team clearly is a contender in this year, you’re doing it wrong lol.

If you take OBJ side, I can’t fight you cause like I said, I am the #1 OBJ fan. Always have been. If you want to argue that Jones has too much injury risk given history, that’s totally valid and a concern. But to write off this trade by showing me a picture of season long stats doesn’t get your point across at all. It doesn’t show anything lol.