OBJ for M. Gordon straight up?

I am very weak at RB: Have Ingram, Mongomery (bye this week), Thompson, Sanders (Bust so far), and Duke (not getting enough touches to make viable).

I have solid WR’s: Adams, OBJ, Cooks, McLaurin, Sutton, and Samuel.

Thinking about trading OBJ for M. Gordon. He has a lot of RB depth: David Johnson, Jones, Henry, and Gordon.

What do you guys think? Both OBJ and Gordon had brutal weeks. OBJ should be better, but the Cleveland offense is trash and I am starting to think it’s not going to get much better for him.

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idk if i’d accept that trade if i had Melvin. I’d 100% rather have Melvin in this situation.

but you could give it a shot, worst that can happen is that he says no


His WR’s are: TY (bye this week), Demarcus Robinson, Hardman, John Brown (Bye) and AJ Green (hurt).

So I am hoping he is desperate. In that case do you think OBJ is too much? Could I get away with trading one of my other WR’s?

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at this point, i’d rather have Cooks, or Maclaurin over OBJ. and his WR situation is “yikes” so yeah i’d probably offer up OBJ for Melvin

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OBJ is ridiculously talented. The Browns overall are ridiculously bad. I think they’ll spend more time trying not to lose than playing to win. Overly cautious play design. Low risk play calls. He’ll get some numbers. But he’s too good to not try to make a play. We saw what happened on his last touch. Tried to do too much on special teams. Fumble. Game. I’d happily offer OBJ for upgrade. The Browns are still the Browns.

Who would have thought he would be better on a garbage NYG team with Eli Manning as his QB. Crazy.


Yeah. Who knows how he’d do in NY now though. Danny Dimes is an upgrade from Eli. But he has a rapport with the 2nd string and young guys. OBJ and Jones may have been as bad as OBJ and Baker. We’ll never know