OBJ for Michael Thomas

Standard scoring, i’m pretty loaded just looking to ROS value and having a WR1 to pair with Green and Allen who is likely to be playing for a contending team in week 15 and 16 playoff games. Is this a good move or should i just keep Odell?

I would rather have MT for rest of season…
OBJ has produced for fantasy because of volume thus far, but he clearly has a lesser QB and a terrible team…
I would rather have MT with Drew Brees throwing me the ball in an elite offense that will be contenders down the stretch than a team that is already out of the playoff mix…

That’s my feeling as well. I’m looking to move Odell if i can but only for WR1 value in return, trying a few options but MT is the focus for sure

Eli is not in the same league as Drew Brees, so I would trust MT much more than I would OBJ…

Who’s more likely to advance into the playoffs? Nuff said

What would the view be on moving OBJ for Hill, Cooks, or Hilton? If MT owner says no, would you prefer any of these guys ROS and what would be the priority of targeting them, same as above (pending how bad Hills groin injury is/isn’t)

Lateral moves are typically pointless and for a few of those guys your just adding injury risk(Hilton came back from a hamstring, Hill has a groin injury). Unless you can trick the first guy into giving you MT or for that matter the Adam Thielen or Antonio Brown owners lol. I wouldn’t make a 1 for 1 swap at the same position.

I see the argument for that and usually i wouldn’t do it, unless as you say i can get MT (AB and Thielen are no goes lol). My view was managing risk of Eli being benched, the backup situation is worse and the Giants by the time we get to week 12/13 onwards are going to be a full on car crash. Likely no more wins, especially if they trade away more defensive talent and i don’t want then to protect OBJ/Barkley and sit them or OBJ just puts up duds.

Would you not rather have a piece of a playoff and high powered offense like the Chiefs or Rams. I agree MT is my first target and will push to get him. Hilton is maybe too low of a buy but i’d be tempted by the other guys

Imo, this is when your fantasy player’s prima dona side is beneficial:
If defensive talent is traded away = more passing situations
If they try to bench/protect OBJ his prima dona will come out and force them to adjust their plans
I’m not a Giants fan, but I can see them letting Eli do the tanking for them while still pandering to their fans(similar to Kobe and the Lakers a few years back)

Yeah that is the other side of it, i guess he will be a risk but high reward player going forward. If one thing is true though i do agree OBJ seems to always get his way

At the end of the day OBJ is still getting plenty of targets, he literally has a coach on the sideline almost dedicated to calming him down. The Giants know they need him and know they need to get him the ball, so you haven’t got to worry about that.

OBJ has had 10+ targets every game this year (except one where he got 9), and 5 out of 8 games he’s gone over 100yds receiving. He’s still producing, obviously not as a stud WR1, but he’s still a solid guy who can produce points.

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