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OBJ for Mixon Trade?


Hey everyone,
I am 4-5 in a 12 person .5 ppr league and have a weak RB crew. It consists of K. Johnson, D. Johnson, J. Richard and Royce Freeman. I have a strong WR core of Thielen, OBJ, Devante Adams and Vasquez. I was thinking of trading OBJ for Joe Mixon. Before I offer it, I would like to see how you all feel. Thanks for the help.


I like it based on your roster. And depending on the mixon owner he might throw in a replacement level wr with mixon.


Definitely make him throw in a replacement WR as well to maybe trade away again for some more depth


Thanks guys. Do you think I should try to do a OBJ and K. Johnson for Mixon and Riddley or am I giving up too much? I figure K. Johnson is so unpredictable due to the running back committee. Another idea, should I substitute Devante Adams for OBJ? Let me know what you think. Thanks again.


No you want devonta Adams. Do not sub him in. Johnson on top might be too much, but if you can get Ridley plus mixon for obj and like a much less valuable asset than Kerryon then do it


No, you’re giving a lot there. Try OBJ for Mixon and a lower level replacement WR. don’t give up more than just OBJ