Obj fournette for bell/singletary/green

Meglabowl league, my OBJ and fournette for his bell singletary and Aj green?

Close for me. Depends what your WR situation is as you’re basically going to be without your WR1 for a few weeks.

I’d probably reject that trade offer

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My WR1 is Hopkins and I got Watkins

Great work getting OBJ, Fournette and Hopkins!

Bell looked terrific and Singletary seems to have claimed the number 1 job already. OBJ has injury concerns as well - 16 games in 2 seasons isn’t it?

In short, wouldn’t blame you for accepting but I’d still reject if I was in your position. OBJ, Fournette and Hopkins are going to win you game weeks on their own, whereas AJ Green is out for the foreseeable and Singletary is still a rookie who plays for the Bills.

So essentially it’s two top tier guys for Lev Bell and some uncertainty.


I appreciate it, great input and advice. I’m gonna decline! strong text

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Try to replace AJ Green by a WR that is currently on the field.