OBJ/Hunt Opinions

I’m drafting form the 11 spot in a 12 team PPR league… It’s a home league and I can kind of predict the tendencies of the guys in my league. M.Gordon falls to me in every single mock I do and I know nobody in my league will take him… Thing is Kareem Hunt and OBJ also fall to me in a lot of mocks and I’m about 98% positive it’ll happen in my league as well.

I guess my question is… if you’re sitting at 11 and those 3 guys fall to you, what do you do knowing the guy after you gets 2 picks? The guy at 12 is a newbie and he’ll be more focused on the espn overall rankings (because thats what newbies do) which have OBJ @10, Hunt @11, then Gordon down @15… I like Gordon the most out of these players but I know I can snag him in the 2nd. If this situation happens I may be staring at OBJ vs Hunt as my first pick… Full PPR, Which player would you rather pair with M.Gordon?

im taking gordon there. i know, if he is going off of rankings he will have a better chance of going for OBJ and hunt and gordon should slide back to you. but there is a teir break between gordon and hunt IMO. and while OBJ should go sooner than that and would be a great value as well… you gotta go with one of the last few bellcow backs who also catch a ton. hunt very well could do everything that gordon will do. but i have backed off a bit between the 2. there is just less certainty. i will still draft hunt, but i dont think i ever will before i draft gordon. i just dont like messing around with my first pick. ill take risks later on with hoping a player will slide back to me. i dont like to do that early. take gordon, and who ever makes it back to you (could be hunt if fournette is still there as well, might go OBJ fournette and if not you would get fournette or your choice of WR) either way you are set up just fine with taking gordon and not risking him making it back to you.

but to answer your end question, who would i rather pair with gordon, hunt. if its who i would rather have in a vacuum, its OBJ. but pairing 2 RB1s together is just so so strong.

Pairing 2 RBs has been my mindset since I started mocking this year… The only hesitation I have is my WR corps always looks meh to me… by the 3/4 turnaround I’m deciding between WRs like D.Thomas, Allen Robinson, and Josh Gordon… I’m weary about all of those guys… at that spot, RBs like McKinnon, Mixon, and slightly reaching for rookies like Guice, Penny, Freeman, and Ronald Jones are available… Thing is if I start RB RB I feel pressure to grab WRs… especially if I grab Ertz in the 3rd (if available… and if my league starts going QBs at that point (they will), Lamar Miller will fall to me on the 5/6 turn… then I usually reach for Kerryon Johnson around that point too unless I think I can get him later. My point is I always feel great about my RBs and the depth but my WRs make me ill. I generally feel better about drafting for roster construction over just “take the best player available” unless there’s a huge disparity between the level of players available.

Actually, I’m just going to stick with stacking RBs… worst case scenario I have too many RBs… and someone is bound to lose someone or draft busts and I’ll be able to trade for WRs. It’s what I did in both my leagues last year and made the chip in both… lost strictly to Todd Gurley in both but still lol.