OBJ, Lamar and Trequan for Sony and Keenan?

Full pt PPR. Which is the side to be on?

OBJ Lamar side. OBJ > Keenan. Lamar has been good lately so he is just as reliable as Sony.

Thanks. I have OBJ and am toying with the idea. My starting roster week 9 is


And on the bench for week 9
Jordan Howard
Josh Gordon

At 5-3 in a tight division I’m trying to win this week but also without giving up too much so I’m still stocked for a playoff push. I’m one game ahead for 2nd in my division with 1st likely locked up at 8-0. What’s the obvious deficiency with my team and how should I target it? I’m not set on moving OBJ but he’s probably the most likely to bring me the best return of the players I’m willing to part with.

Your team looks really strong imo the only “deficiency” I see is having a receiver, TE and running back from the same offense limiting your upside(granted it’s KC so that limiting factor is minor). But if you move one of them for a piece of equal value or include it in a package for an even better star it could help push your team even higher.
I personally love targeting WRs for my flex especially in PPR because they’re usually less expensive than RBs of a similar point range.

Thanks for the reply, I actually started the season with Hill and Mahomes and traded Saquon, Gronk and Edelman for OBJ, Hunt and Kelce. Typically I like to diversify but having this 4 man stack is both fun to watch and devastating to my opponents when they take the field and start laying up the pts. Week 12 is gonna be tricky if I’m in must win mode that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to trade for both Gurley and Zeke to avail with packages centered around Hunt and DJ for Gurley and Howard and DJ for Zeke. I’ve always had the problem of tinkering maybe just a bit too much but am all ears to any suggestions. Thanks again.

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Hopefully you get the 1st round bye, because week 14 could be rough, luckily it’s in KC

Until I see a defense stop the Chiefs I’m not scared to roll em out against anyone. Hill’s groin injury (even though he’s off the report) does have my attention though. What wrs would you rate above Hill ros?

Idk about ranking but here are some guys that I like at his level or slightly above.
Cut above:
Mr Consistent: Adam Thielen
Antonio Brown

Around Hill’s level:
Julio Jones
Davante Adams
M Thomas

Not a perfect list. This list assumes a healthy season for everyone on the lists.

Thanks. As expected, not a terribly long list and pretty much how I see it too, with hill narrowly bringing up the rear on the list. Unfortunately, the owners of those players are not in the market.

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Where does Mike Evans belong in that group, in or outside looking in? Let’s assume Fitz plays out the year.

I personally love Mike Evans, BUT his playoff schedule is rough. I drafted him and would have been okay rolling him out for my playoff run, but I was offered Zeke for him straight up.

Week 15 @ Bal
Week 16 @ Dal

But week 14 is gold Saints at home