OBJ,Lindsey,Cook/Reed for Mixon+Cooks

What do you guys think, nothing is set in stone yet as these are just trade talks with the Mixon owner.

Mixon would be the 1 to my Michele at 2, and Cooks would make a fine WR2 behind hopkins.

Am i overpaying? Should i sit tight and hope OBJ/ the giants can turn it around? Right now i’m starting to think of him as a low end WR1, rather than the top 5 guy i thought i was drafting. As for the TE’s i feel pretty comfortable starting whoever he doesn’t prefer in a trade, as ROS i believe both are at least top 10-12 guys.

My roster:
QB: Cam Newton
RB: Michele, Lindsey, Drake, Lewis, Barber(dropping for waiver pickup)
WR: OBJ, Hopkins, Gordon, Lockette, Cole
TE: Cook, Reed

His Roster
QB: Big Ben, Baker
RB: Mixon, Conner, Howard, Riddick, Bell
WR: Cooks, Kupp, Tate, Benjamin, Taylor
TE: Burton, Goedert