OBJ/Mike Thomas comparatively

How do you feel like these two compare dynasty value wise? Asking for a friend. Kidding that friend is me and has a trade on the table involving them.

If you have OBJ I might be willing to take Michael Thomas, now. If you have Thomas then I’d wait until the draft and see who the Giants draft at QB (if they draft a qb)

Obj should have a higher value so try and get a good trade with that in mind

I have OBJ. He has Thomas. Basically wanting to swap our first round picks in the dynasty draft (he has 1 and i have 4) and swap top receivers

So the trade is give the 1.04 and OBJ and get Thomas and 1.01?

I’d do that to get the 1.01 in a heartbeat


That’s the one we’re working on at least. Trying to sway him on it. I own the 1.02 as well.

Still a great trade. I don’t think the difference between obj and Thomas is as big as the 1.04 to the 1.01

I would agree. My main debate is if he doesn’t take the 1 for 4 trade if a 1 for 2 is worth it. Or if I should add a player or a second rounder to it. Just want Barkley real bad ha.

Both WRs are in a bad spot from a QB stance. But I’m way more confident in OBJs ability to make plays happen even with poor QB play. So for me it’s not worth it. Although of all the players in the draft coming out, the most bust proof seems to be Barkley. Are you needing running back really bad? Because having the 1.01 and 1.02 is nice if that’s what you really badly need.

I need backs pretty badly

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If you need it that badly and he’s not willing to accept the 1.04 then i’d say try the 1.02. Because you will still have 2 picks of the top 4 which means you would have some combination of Barkley with Guice, Michel, Chubb, Royce or Freeman. And he only moves back one spot. Any idea what the guys that have the 1.01 and 1.03 need? QB’s, RB’s, WR’s? Because if he needs RBs in a bad way too then i dont see him giving it up

He needs both WR and RB. Has good starters but no depth. I can see him doing it if its the 1.02.

I say if Barkley is your guy, you gotta do what you need to to get him because otherwise it’ll always be a what if… So wait until he decides on the 1.04 if declines offer up the 1.02 instead, and if still a no maybe some low level bench guy to give him a little depth

He’s wanting to wait till the actual draft (dont blame him)

I don’t even consider this deal.

  1. OBJ is the most valuable player in dynasty, he’s mostly the consensus 1.01 in all start ups.

  2. Barkley is not busy proof. He’s very good, and he could be a star, but he is not Barry Sanders. Which leads me to…

  3. This RB class is extremely deep, and at 2 & 4 you can get two extremely good RB’s which both have the potential to be better Fantasy backs than Barkley. Remember, the two best rookie RB’s last year were picked as the 5th and 6th RB’s, and both are now projected to out perform the 4 RB’s taken before them in the future as well.

OBJ is so much better than Thomas that even for the 4 to 1 swap, it’s not worth it.

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Thanks for your input. I’ve been going back and forth on the deal all week. Basically because I don’t want to lose OBJ. Thought maybe I could string the 1.02 and maybe a second rounder or a lower end player for the 1.01. Either way don’t think I’m going to give up the best player in dynasty.

UPDATE: I acquired the 1.01 and OJ Howard by trading 1.02, Cam Newton and Kyle Rudolph

I think that seems like a pretty decent value!

I might be late to the party here, but I’d definitely prefer OBJ. I don’t think it’s very close. OBJ is the super rare guy who will make a QB. Michael Thomas is a guy who’s great for a great QB. Both have old QBs and questionable future teams in the 2-4 year range, so keep the talent of OBJ.

Just saw the update. I think that’s fair value and I’m glad you didn’t give up OBJ.

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