OBJ or Fitz?

Should I take this trade. Trade away OBJ to acquire Larry Fitz.
My other receivers are amari cooper, Jarvis and Randall Cobb (who I’ll drop this week for the waiver.)
OH! I also have Kyler as my QB and would not mind the stack. Also 14 man league so the waivers are kind of weak unfortunately. Thanks for the help in advance guys!

no…No…NO. OBJ has had 1 so so week, 1 great week and 1 bad week. Gotta be patient.

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OBJ no Fitz straight up? Not only no, but hell no!


Ur right ur right. I’m on that 1-2 tilt right now and I’m just so frustrated! What’s worse is my league are all my old high school buddies so it makes it even harder to do bad! Lol childhood friends know all the right buttons to hit bro!!!

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