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OBJ or Freeman


It’s a keeper league top 2 options to pick I also have jordy and Melvin Gordon locked up help!!!


I’d go Freeman assuming rb depth will be scarce.


whos ranked higher in every single ranking. OBJ…foolish not to take him


OBJ also has an ankle injury that the team isn’t forthcoming with the severity of. And he’s ranked higher by one or 2 spots???


haha dude that ankle injury is not worth passing up on a top 3 talent. simple as that

and with that said you do know freeman is also hurt at the moment right? LMAO


Rather deal with a concussion than an unknown ankle injury. Too much speculation for me at the moment. Won’t say if it’s a high ankle sprain or not. Won’t say what kind of treatment he’s getting.


Thanks for all the comments guys!