OBJ or Hopkins

If given the choice to draft one or the other, which top-tier wide receiver would you choose? I’m in an 8 team, 1/2 ppr league. If both guys were to fall, which one would be the better value and why do you think that’s the case?

Redraft or dynasty? In a redraft, its OBJ for sure. For Dynasty, it’s pretty close depends on how much you believe in Watson.

OBJ superior talent, Nuk potentially better situation with a young QB and locked in contract.

Personally, I take OBJ.

It’s redraft. Thanks for the input!

Completely agree with this take. Manning is 1-2 seasons from being done in NY and there ain’t no such thing as a great WR without a decent QB

That’s where I have a little concern this year. Thought Hopkins might be the safer pick because we saw last year that he could be fantasy relevant with Savage at qb.

Eli will be fine this year though. When Eli plays, OBJ averages like 10+ targets a game and averages like 95 yards and like 0.7-8 TDs a game or something which is pretty absurd. Doesn’t get much better than that at the WR position.

And for Hopkins, if you look at last year, difference in fantasy points between when watson was playing vs when savage was playing is pretty minimal. Reasoning is bad QBs tend to hone in and feed one guy. Lower quality targets but more in quantity so offsets. So I wouldn’t expect Nuk to go more ham than he did last year. Whereas OBJ has given the above stats like year in and year out.

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i for one would disagree and pick Hopkins if they were both on the board.

honestly they are both so god damn good its a coin flip. if you had asked me yesterday, i would have said OBJ. the day before, hopkins. but in the end im probably taking OBJ. fun stat for him, not including last year (broken leg and all) OBJ has never had a season of less than 90 catches, less than 1300 yards, and less than 10 TDs. there is no one else that can say that. especially if you are looking at their first 3 years in the league. and if you take OBJs 4 games from last year and expand them, he was on pace to do exactly that again. 100 catches, 1200 yards (so 100 yards less but still, its 1200 yards) and 12 TDs. thats insane that for 4 years he was on pace to do it again. so i think just for his base line stats, i go OBJ. but it is tough tough TOUGH to choose.


Agree 100%!

If you have to choose between them, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it, barring injury these two wont lose you games, and they certainly can win you a few. Re-Injury is something to think about, sure, but at the end of the day, I’d decide which one you want and start looking at who you will take round 2 and on, will be much better on you mentally in the draft if you know who you’re going to take, and aren’t flip flopping the day of, or minute of.

That being said, I have pick 9 in my league and I plan on taking Melvin Gordon first, and picking Odell/Julio whichever is left when it flips back around. Just something to think about.

If OBJ is around in the 2nd round in your league, please send me an invite as I would love to be in it .

@MikeMeUpp Lol, im commish, if we have an opening ill keep you in mind.

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