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Obj or Julio pick 5?


with b marsh with the giants now, would u rather have obj or Julio in PPR?


Redraft its Julio, 100%.

If it’s dynasty, then ODB.


I go OBJ, less risk.


i would also go OBJ. They both will get their yards, they make plays for themselves. I think OBJ has a much higher ceiling when it comes to touchdowns. Julio is limited to how many Tds he will catch, at least thats what his career has shown. I don’t think you can mess up either way with that being said.


I have having this same issue. Had OBJ last season as it was a painful start until he got things going. Have pick 5 this year and leaning more towards Jones but haven’t made up my mind. To be completly honest I am not sold yet on either of these two guys. Still pondering the idea of trying to trade the pick for an 8th or 9th pick to get an earlier 2nd round pick. Thankfully only July 10th so a lot of time to sleep on that. :thinking:


Redraft - Julio: there might be a little more injury risk but he gets tons of targets and no reason to think that will change. They are also talking about using him more in the red zone which has been his only detriment.

Dynasty - OBJ: too young and talented to pass up. Less injury risk


Yea can’t really go wrong either way I think, but just with all of the mouths to feed in NYG now, and Julio kind of being the lone wideout in Atlanta, kinda makes me wanna grab him instead


Yeah I lean Julio too…because of aforementioned mouths to feed in NY.