OBJ or M. Evans ROS?

Standard 2 QB league. thinking about offering my OBJ to a guy I play week 9 (OBJs bye). Here’s the context, he’s 6-0 and I’m 5-1 so that game will be an important match up. What’s your ROS thoughts on Evans?

Current Roster:
QB: Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson, Bortles
RB: Elliot, Collins, Lynch, A. Jones
WR: OBJ, Green, Hill, Golladay
TE: Graham, Brate

If you are gonna trade OBJ, it will have to be for his name cause his numbers are junk with Eli under center. If they don’t fix Eli then OBJ is gonna be junk all season. I have him too and it’s driving me nuts. If you can get a good WR for him I would trade him in a heartbeat. No one will bite in my league. I’m trying

Yeah Its killing me wondering if Eli is going to get him the ball or not. Even thinking about Diggs to create a weekly stack with Cousins

Depends on how close you look, it hasn’t been Pretty but in ppr scoring he’s still a top 10 WR

LOL…I’m thinking that Eli is fed up with OBJ’s MOUTH and antics. And yeah…I know…Eli is Eli and that’s about all that needs be said. BUT…kinda funny that Eli seems to be “ignoring” what used to be his A-1 man and target!!!

Would you do OBJ and Collins for Landry and Hunt or McCaffrey?

My roster would be

QB: Rodgers, Cousins, Wilson, Bortles
RB: Elliot, Hunt, Lynch, A. Jones
WR: Green, Hill, Golladay, Landry
TE: Graham, Brate

I’m not usually the best on giving TRADE advice…but…I’m thinking that for Landry and Hunt. DEFINITELY!!!

LOL…but, you might want to get more feedback from others before you try it. Just in case…(as I mentioned…not the best on TRADE advice) :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks! Thinking it cant get much worse for Landry and I want to be able to flex Golladay.

Sorry. Idiot me just noticed that you’re asking for Standard. I was thinking PPR. In PPR Landry’s been pretty dependable and fairly consistent with double-digit production. Up until this past week. But for the first 5 weeks he was.

Regardless of format, OBJ wins this out easily.

@MikeMeUpp do you think any of my top 3 WRs tip the scales in that trade?

I’d rather have all 3 of your top receivers than evans ROS by a pretty big margin.

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