OBJ or M. Thomas (Dynasty HPPR Startup)

On the clock in a slow draft but got stuck smack in the middle @ the No. 6 pick in a dynasty startup.

OBJ, M. Thomas, Adams, and JJSS are all on the board…best RB is likely Gurley, Mixon or Gordon.

Thoughts? Leaning OBJ.

I selected M. Thomas in this exact situation. I’m not a fan of OBJ. If I had to do it again, I’d consider M. Gordon or D. Adams.

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They are all good choices.

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Personally, I’d probably lean Adams or JJSS but, really splitting hairs at that juncture and I can’t say I’d knock OBJ given his current situation.

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OBJ and it’s not even close for me.
He was a beast playing without a QB for years in a really bad offense. Now he’s moving to what it promises to be a high scoring (juggernaut style) offense, tied to a potential MVP caliber young QB. But for some reason, people are projecting him lower than in previous years.
I’m buying him at the discounted rate anywhere I can.

Now, if you are ok with any of those options you mentioned, trade back, pick up another 3rd rounder, and take one of those guys later on.


I love Adams, but I don’t think I could pass on what I think is the best WR in the NFL. He has never had great QB play and still has put up big numbers. The volume might go down slightly from the NYG, but he is going to be on a much better offense, with a better QB, and have other weapons around him so the defense can’t focus on him all the time. Yes you do have to worry about injury, but even with injury he can easily be a top 5 guy. I would rather have a guy that misses 2 games so you know you can sit him , that a guy that busts some weeks and you have him in your lineup.


Has to be OBJ for me. He has proven he can produce when on the field no matter who his QB is. Now he goes to what appears to be a high scoring offense as the unquestioned #1. No brainier to go with OBJ imo.


I think OBJ is the more talented receiver. However, I think M. Thomas is going to have a bigger year than OBJ this season. It is a dynasty however, so because of that I would choose OBJ for long term investment. Brees is right at retirement and Cleveland has a potential future MVP caliber QB in the making. OBJ injury past kind of worries me, but nothing serious enough to overlook him.

Also, It’s a half PPR so I may be tempted to take Juju over OBJ with the amount of mouths to feed in CLE. Big Ben has been known to force feed his WR1 with targets and doesn’t care about double coverage.

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Welcome to the clan!

I agree with you there, I like JJSS or Adams over OBJ atm but don’t doubt OBJ is a talented player. He just has more competition for targets in CLE over the other two.

Thanks for all the input. I ended up going with OBJ. Taking the upside. Brees potential for departure worries me with hitching a dynasty horse to Thomas (though I’m a huge Bridgewater believer). In terms of competing for targets, I’m taking the “devil you know” approach. I know Landry is a possession receiver at his core and didn’t show much chemistry with Mayfield. Chubb isn’t a pass-catcher (acknowledging Hunt is looming in the background), and Njoku has yet to step up to his perceived potential. GB has such a deep stable of rising WRs and capable pass catching RBs.

As many mentioned, it’s splitting hairs and there’s no bad choice. Thanks again everyone!

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OBJ, Thomas or Adams are all going to produce for you. I wouldnt go with JJSS. to much of the unknown of being the #1 WR. Not saying he wont be great just to iffy for me

None of these guys are bad, make no doubt. But in my mind OBJ is easily the choice. I agree with your choice.

As a side note, people are wrong about Chubb and pass catching. That does not mess with anything on the WR front, but the idea Chubb isn’t a receiving back is false. He might not be CMC, but he is far better than people give him credit for.

Between OBJ and Adams for me. I may be in the minority but I am planting my pole for Adams as the WR1 this season. Can go into details if you want but jist of it is he was top 3 last year with Rodgers having one of his worst statistical seasons of all time. He’s the clear top guy, rodgers doesn’t trust any of the young guys and he’s moving into the slot. I personally took adams with the 1.05 in the recent draft. People probably thought I was dumb for taking him over OBJ and Nuk but I felt fine about it. SOmetimes just get your guy. If you don’t believe in adams as much, OBJ is a close second.