OBJ or Singletary

12 man league, 1/2 PPR
Why would I start OBJ against the Patriots vs Singletary vs the Dolphins? Seems like Devin Singletary is the bettery start here but he’s way lower on the flex rankings. What am I not understanding? OBJ won’t get any deep passes with the NE pass rush. Singletary should be script-proof against MIA.

Sorry, Singletary is against the Eagles but I don’t see OBJ doing anything against NE

i guess its cause how little work he got coming back from the injury last week against the Dolphins. but i would expect Singletary’s workload to increase.

That’s what I think too. And the Chargers are vulnerable against the run. Great bounce back opportunity and OBJ has been trash this season. How is he gonna break out against NE Defense?