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OBJ or Smooth Routes?


.5 PPR, down 7pts, opponent is done for the week.

IF OBJ starts, will he just be a decoy? Or should I start the smooth routes of Kenny G?


If OBJ starts you use OBJ. I’m a huge Lions fan and nothing would please me more than to see Kenny G go off, but he is going to compete with targets with Tate, Jones, and Ebron. Plus the simple fact that OBJ is always a must start in all formats if he is on the field.


I mostly agree with Richard. However, if I had a better second option than a 2nd game Rookie, I’d probably go with that. Love Kenny G, but don’t have enough info to trust him over OBJ, hurt or not.


Would you play Ameer over Odell in the same situation?


Probably not. I don’t have any faith in the Lions rushing attack against a bad defense, much less a possible top 5 unit. Im the offseason, I was hopeful that he’d get work in the passing game too, but i need to see it first.