OBJ or Zeke ROS

Which would you prefer in standard and why?

Depends on my team needs and where my strengths are, but straight up I would take Zeke, as running backs are more valuable.


This is my team and there is a potential trade for me to acquire Zeke with OBJ going the other way. Trades are below as well, i’m happy with my team and with either trade to be honest but as it’s standard i’d like to get a third stud RB to lock up my roster.

Trade 1: OBJ/Cook for Zeke/Golladay
Trade 2: Landry/Cook for Zeke

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Ito, Jones
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Baldwin,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Jags

Both of those trades are great for you, and either way you have more players than are startable then you will ever need. Because of that, I guess I might lean trade 2 because your roster works well for 2 for 1 trades and keeping oBJ would be nice. It would leave you thin at wr, but if some scenario happened where you needed a 4th wr, you could survive with trequan smith or some other waiver wire guy.

Thanks this is my view, Zeke owner reached out and is thin at WR after trading Hill and Fuller going down. So i gave him a choice and i don’t mind if he takes neither deal, i may try one counter to get Zeke if it’s worth it possibly with Kerryon and Landry but otherwise i’m pretty set.
There are good waiver WRs just not stud guys so i’d prefer to keep OBJ for the massive upside he offers and his up/down season thanks to Eli would fit my team well if i could do trade two, everywhere else is consistent so a boom/bust player is manageable.

If it came to it would you feel the same way about Landry and Kerryon for Zeke in a 2 for 1? I love Kerryon and he’s become one of those emotional attachment guys because i banged the drum for him in the group chat when everyone said the draft pick was a bust but turning him into Zeke would be great i know

if you can do landry and cook for zeke do its asap especially standard. landry isnt a td guy. hes the definite 1 but not a great td threat. zeke will get you tds.

If it had to be Landry and Kerryon for Zeke which i like less as i’m not sure on Cook anymore but getting Zeke and keeping OBJ is still a win right?

kerryon is still sharing the load, and blount is the goal line back. i mean i would do that too.

Okay I agree and his schedule coming up isn’t the best for RBs, especially if Riddick is back and takes targets. I’ve added it to the mix.

If he wants OBJ and Kerryon i don’t think he has the pieces to make that work in my favour even getting Zeke and Golladay for that it’s close but i’m leaning into him being a Vikes fan to try and dump Cook for some value