OBJ Rest of season discussion

What’s everyones thoughts on obj Ros with Manning? I’m debating trading for him but concerned overall with Giants offense

I’d be trading two rbs to get him as well which would be Kerryon Johnson and Marlon Mack and it would leave me with M Gordon and Nick Chubb and S Diggs and Josh Gordon as wr

Is the point differential worth it to go for OBJ or is having RB depth better? Thoughts?

my roster is very similar to yours and I would not do this. I would need to see Melvin healthy. If he’s hurt and missing time the loss of depth at RB could kill you.

I also have J Gordon at receiver so I can see how you’d want to address his inconsistency at the wr2 spot.

What does your whole roster look like, I doubt you’ll want to leave yourself with just 2 RBs

Current roster is:
QB Mitch trubisky and rivers
RB M Gordon, K Johnson, Nick Chubb Mack and Breida
WR Diggs J Gordon D Baldwin Keke Couttee
TE Burton

Unfortunately, I do not think have the depth to make this trade. Gordon has a hammy issue & Brieda seemingly has a new injury each week.

I’d hate to let this opportunity pass; see if he’ll either throw in a low end playable RB or only take 1 of the RBs & a WR not named Diggs(but I assume he needs 2 starting RBs based on the offer)