got offered OBJ and Shady for E. Sanders and Sony Michel, should I accept. .5ppr 12 team league.


WR: Landry, Thielen, D. Baldwin, Mike Williams

RB: TG2, CMC, James Conner, K. Johnson

Jeez your team is stacked. I would take it. you dont seem to need michel or shady really, but obj would upgrade your landry

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IIt’s so good, I’d do it without shady, TAKE IT

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My only concern is that Michel plays on a “usually” good offense and should be taking over lead back duties, whereas OBJ plays for the Giants, who have been terrible this season on offense. I could care less about Shady, but I do like having Sanders as a reliable mid-tier receiver. Thanks for the input.

Yeah, I’m thinking I will sit on the trade offer until tonights game, just to see if the Patriots will actually stick to give Michel the bulk of the work.