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got offered OBJ and Shady for E. Sanders and Sony Michel, should I accept. .5ppr 12 team league.


WR: Landry, Thielen, D. Baldwin, Mike Williams

RB: TG2, CMC, James Conner, K. Johnson


Jeez your team is stacked. I would take it. you dont seem to need michel or shady really, but obj would upgrade your landry


IIt’s so good, I’d do it without shady, TAKE IT


My only concern is that Michel plays on a “usually” good offense and should be taking over lead back duties, whereas OBJ plays for the Giants, who have been terrible this season on offense. I could care less about Shady, but I do like having Sanders as a reliable mid-tier receiver. Thanks for the input.


Yeah, I’m thinking I will sit on the trade offer until tonights game, just to see if the Patriots will actually stick to give Michel the bulk of the work.