OBJ Trade Advice

Full PPR

I was just offered:

CJ Anderson and Keenan Allen


Odell and Witten

Currently my RBs are Gurley, Henry and garbage.

My WRs are OBJ, Baldwin, Pryor, Thielen, Tyrell Williams

Do I pull the trigger?

This one’s tough. OBJ is coming into form (finally) and looking like his old self. That’s game-breaking talent you would be giving up. Both CJA and Allen are recurring injury risks waiting to happen, but so far - they’ve been solid. Baldwin and Pryor haven’t been what you’ve hoped for, but they may find their groove soon as well.

I’ve never been a fan of 2-for-1s where you’re NOT getting the stud, but CJA (while he’s healthy) probably offers a lot of upside in your RB corps that you currently don’t have. And Allen isn’t a huuuuge downgrade at the WR position… especially with Manning and entire NYG offense being kinda shaky.

Only “problem” I see is that you already have Ty. Williams so you’re doubling up on Chargers WRs, but that’s more of a safety net if Allen goes down again… so that’s a wash.

Yesh. Does he have another RB to offer, other than Anderson? Allen is a great piece, but I don’t offer any faith in Anderson at all and OBJ is one of the most valuable players in the league.

Zeke, but he’s unwilling to move him

Nor should he. Idk… that’s tough. I hate getting the 2 in a 2 for 1, but you probably need to get some value out of Beckham, particularly at RB. I don’t live this trade, in particular, because I just can’t trust Anderson.

I offered OBJ for Zeke and he passed. Frankly I don’t want Anderson

I wouldn’t want to do this offer. I’d start shopping Thielen for a RB or if anyone still values Pryor I’d do the same with him.