Obj trade help for rest of season

Thinking about trading Big Ben and Ridley for obj.

Is obj worth a roster spot for rest of season??

lol? Are you trolling?

Big Ben and Ridley for OBJ is laughable. If that offer is on the table, take it and run. If you’re thinking about offering it, god speed cause it’s an incredible low ball.

As for your question, just lol.

You can see for yourself bro he said I would’ve done that. This was earlier when I was trying to make room for Chubb

I just sent the trade, trolling? I respect you bro you seem to be the only one answering all the fantasy questions. Always looking forward to your insights. I’m in it for 800. (5-1) at the moment looking to get OBJ while he’s been frustrating for owners. That’s all brother

I thought you were trolling because you asked if OBJ was worth a roster spot lol. That is the most outrageous thing I’ve heard all season. Even if OBJ performs at his current low production, he would still finish as a WR2 lol.

He’s an idiot if he takes this trade and you should likely capitalize and jump on it.

For sure man. You think ridley or Jarvis…reason I ask is just looking for the rest of season as in who has better upside in match ups. I like Landry because mayfield throws a lot. But I also like Ridley because I feel matty I’ve heats up towards the end of season.

Def Landry over Ridley to hold on to imo.

Ridley is the 3rd WR on his team.

Landry is basically the only competent one on his. I’ll let you do the math on that one.

Told people to sell ridley like 3 weeks ago after his first big game. Then 2 weeks ago after his 2nd big game. Not sure if that sell window is still open.

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