OBJ Trade Help

The OBJ owner offered me OBJ for Michael Thomas and two 2019 1st round picks (I have 3)

Full PPR, 3WRs, 1 Flex, dynasty/keeper style league.

What should I do??

OBJ is my top dynasty asset in any format, but man, the is a lot to give up.

I would try to pay less. OBJ’s perceived value is lower, respectively, then it has been. I would try to pay based on that lower value.

That is extremely expensive. MT is a top 10 pick in the 1st round to me and OBJ is 1.01. You’re basically paying 2 1st rounders to move up <10 spots in a startup draft.

Too costly IMO so I would probably pass.

Hard Pass. And this is coming from a HUGE OBJ fan.

The way i look at it is, are you 100% without a doubt sure that OBJ will finish better than Thomas this year? If not, then you keep Thomas and your first round picks. While OBJ may be the better talent, Thomas has the better QB and less competition. Combo that with two first round picks, and you have to roll with Thomas. Imagine if one of those picks turns into a Saquon Barkley type player? Now you’re looking at Barkely and Thomas for OBJ.

I am 100% positive of that, barring new injuries, but it’s still not big enough a gap to give up 2 firsts.

I am 100% confident OBJ will finish above MT if he stays healthy. Still not worth 2 1st rounders.

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Man that is some risky business. Lol.

NYG having Engram who should only continue to get better, AND a legit running game now, AND OBJ coming off injury, it’s hard to say with 100% certainty OBJ will be better than MT. I mean I’m pretty confident he will too, but if I had to bet my life on it, I sure wouldn’t. Nonetheless, we are on the same page, still too much to give. Those first rounders are huge.

I think Engram loses a lot of Targets this year. He wasn’t very good last year, he was just all that was left. Beckham will get his, and he’s just a different level of talent than Thomas.

Again, still to much to give up, but I’d be willing to make just about any reasonable bet that, barring new injury, OBJ will have the better season.

So what should I counter?

Try a counter with MT, 2019 2nd 1st rounder and your first 2nd rounder?

Now, I am completely in on OBJ. I need to state that. Moving on…

Personally, I think I would take it and stipulate you retain your first 1st rounder. I like MT, no doubt, and he is in a good offense. But OBJ is other worldly upside and he has done this with the current set-up. SB is new, sure, but they were still always trying to use a RB in their game plan, passing and throwing. But I would counter that NO had an amazing RB (over 3K yards from scrimmage!) and MT still produced.

Try to get the softer offer in, but IMHO I would not mind giving up the picks. They are lottery anyway and you are increasing the talent of your WR1 undoubtedly. Unless you think you will have 1.01, there are very few guarantees in the draft. And the studs usually come from surprise places, else we would not have ‘busts’ in rookie drafts because all the analysts were correct :wink:

Just my two cents, I hope it helps some!

I would do it for Thomas and one first rounder, but not two. Try to get him to take a second round pick, or a 2020 first round pick.

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