OBJ TRADE helppppp

OBJ for Breida and G.Tate

10 man league .1ppr league I have Jacobs, cook, D.J. and Edmonds as my backs and Evans, Godwin, Boyd, and j brown for WR

Thoughts, should I ask for more than obj?

Wow this is so tough. The (way) scaled back PPR does hurt Tate’s value quite a bit, but it’s hard to argue against what he just did against a good defense (maybe cause Shepard, Engram AND Saquon were out perhaps?)

My only thought is your decently deep at both positions, so I would maybe just focus on one position and get a better player back. Like aim for Kerryon, or maybe Edelman. Something like that.

This is a no for me. Not enough value there. I just traded OBJ + Sony for leveon bell ( needed RB help). This is the kinda trade you should target IMO

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